This newsletter will end...

Dear reader,

I wanted to share some updates about my newsletters.

I've decided to bring together PR Toolz, Virtual PR Summit, and the PR Dispatch into a single newsletter on the Beehiive platform. I'm calling it the Wag The Dog Newsletter

For those who remember, "Wag The Dog" harks back to "Wag The Dog FM", the weekly podcast about PR I produced a while ago. It was a hit, and I thought it's high time to revive that spirit.

Furthermore, the name cheekily references the political expression "wag the dog", which, as you may be aware, revolves around the idea of diverting focus from major matters towards more trivial ones.

It's a fun way to acknowledge the ever-evolving world of PR and communication.

Here's why I'm making the change:

One Newsletter, More Value: By consolidating everything into "Wag The Dog", I aim to provide a richer, more curated experience. You'll get the best of all worlds without the clutter of multiple emails. It's about making things simpler and more meaningful for you.

Diving Deeper into Key Topics: With this unified approach, I'll be able to delve deeper into subjects like risk and crisis communication. Plus, I'm excited to explore how emerging tech, especially AI, is reshaping the PR landscape. I believe this focus will offer fresh perspectives and actionable insights.

Your Data is Safe: I take data privacy seriously. Not only am I keeping in line with GDPR, but I'm also ensuring everything's up to scratch with USA data privacy standards. It's all about trust, and I want you to know your information is in safe hands.

If you're reading this, there's no action needed on your part. You'll automatically receive the "Wag The Dog" newsletter right here on this email address.

However, to ensure smooth delivery, please whitelist (or add to your contacts) the email address: wagthedognewsletter@mail.beehiiv.com

Rest assured, the sender will always be me, Philippe Borremans.

Stay or Go, It's Your Call: I hope you'll love the new format of "Wag The Dog". But if it's not for you, unsubscribing is straightforward. No hard feelings.

I genuinely believe these changes will enhance the value you get from the newsletter. But I'm always here to chat, so if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.


Philippe Borremans

Wag The Dog